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Beh Avaran Kimya Hiraad

Beh Avaran Kimya Hiraad company is a subsidiary of Beh Avaran Arash Company started its activity in the field of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and health products in 2008 and during these years using the principle of improving the quality of its products at the same time as the modern knowledge of the world, it has succeeded in creating very high-quality products with reputable brands. in Iran and the countries of the region.

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Screw Lotion Pump

Spring-less Lotion Pump

Mist Sprayer Pump

Mini Trigger Spray Pump

Live Green

Beh pump environment-friendly

The pumps provided by Behpump are sustainable by providing green and returnable materials that can be recycled. Also, we are looking for the development of the use of plastic with a sustainable source as well as the optimal use of clean materials. The new generation of Beh Pump’s springless pumps, by using the most up-to-date materials and appropriate structure, has made the recycling of this product much easier than other pumps.